Becoming a Godly Wife: Part 3

If you’ve been following my Becoming a Godly Wife then you know that in each section I take a look at one bit of scripture which influences and impacts my behavior as a wife. In Part 1 I looked at Proverbs 31:11, and in Part 2 I looked at Proverbs 31:25.

Proverbs 31 is one of, if not the, most well known sections of the bible addressing how a wife should behave. It holds a lot of wisdom that women and men alike both turn to to learn what to expect from a wife’s role. I’m no different, I’ve been combing through those pages and lines, praying on them to better understand my own role, and how to fulfill it.

Today I want to look at a different part of the bible, one which is not directed specifically at the biblical role of the wife. This verse looks instead at Christian behavior. I believe that in order for me to be the Godly wife my husband deserves, I must strive in follow the gospel in all aspects of my life, not just in my role as a wife. The verse I want to look at today is Galatians 6:9.

Let us not become weary in doing good,

for at the proper time we will reap a harvest

if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9 is very important to me. When I’m tired, when I’m angry, when I’ve lost hope or feel like humanity is doomed, I read Galatians 6:9. It reminds me that I can not become tired of doing Christ’s work.

In John Gill’s exposition of the Bible he looks at Galatians. He explains that “let us not become weary n doing good” can be referring either to general works of good, or to specific ministries. In general, any sort of good act, done in accordance to God’s will and with love and reverence for Him and Jesus glorifies God. When looking at good acts which benefit Christ’s ministers and specifically the poor and needy, our actions are also agreeable to God. Gill writes:

well pleasing in his sight: and in doing which men should not be weary; nor are they, when their spiritual strength is renewed, and grace is in exercise, though they may meet with many things which tend to discourage and make them weary; such as change in their own circumstances, losses in the world, the multitude of objects, the ungratefulness of some, and unworthiness of others.

The weariness which Galatians 6:9 speaks of is not a physical exhaustion from good labors, but the mental and spiritual exhaustion we can all face. It is the negativity which seeps into our lives and tells us there’s no point in doing good works. Galatians doesn’t just tell us not to grow weary though, it tells us why we should stay resolute in our actions. For at the proper time we will reap a harvest.

In God’s time, the seeds which we sow through good actions, shall grow and see harvest. Whether we see that harvest in this life or in His Kingdom, we are promised the fruits of our labor, so long as we do not give up. If we give up, we abandon the field before it is ready to harvest, and the seeds we’ve planted will wither, die, and rot. Gill reminds us not to be impatient, as seeds do not bear fruit overnight.

How does this apply to my calling as a wife? It’s easy to become discouraged, even doing something I love and in serving someone I love. The stresses of life overwhelm you, and cause you to forget the importance of your work. I am serving God’s will in my role as a wife, and Galatians 6:9 reminds me of the importance of my work, and to stay motivated, patient, and dedicated.

How does Galatians 6:9 encourage you? Do you have any verses not directed specifically at wives that you apply to your marriage and role?

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