My name is Lizzie, and welcome to my tiny corner of the internet.

I’m an army wife, a girly-girl with a love for all things feminine, and a born again Christian woman.


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I started this whole project as a tumblr where I could document my journey as I returned to Christ, and keep posts that inspired me. Along the way I found my calling, and my voice. See, I believe that each and every one of us has a calling, something that resonates with our hearts and souls on a deeper level, and gives our lives the meaning we seek.

My calling is to be a Godly wife, supporting my husband and guiding my home along God’s path. Having my husband home for the first time since he enlisted was an eye opener for me. I realized in the two weeks he was home for Christmas that nothing brings me the same joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment as caring for my family. The idea of dedicating my life to serving and caring for my husband sparked a realization in me, one that my husband reasonably questioned at first. We’ve always been fairly independent, and I’ve thrown myself into my work and career, so when I told him that I wanted to start cutting back at work to dedicate more time to our family, it came as a surprise. Given the opportunity to explain to him what I meant though, and how I feel called to this, he’s given me his full support.

I found my voice when I realized that other people were connecting with my posts, and finding something in them that was relatable. That’s when I decided to share my story as I work towards being the best wife I can be, every single day. God has given me this opportunity to share my own experiences and my calling, and I believe it’s for a reason. Everyone’s marriage is different and beautiful in it’s own way, but I hope something about my story can help you as you walk your own path.

This is the beginning of a whole new chapter of my life, and I am humbled to have you here with me for it.

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