Hobbies & Skills for the Homemaker

Making a home, and keeping a house are two different, but related tasks. You cannot make a home, unless you know how to keep a house, but there is also a certain amount of love, patience, grace, and etiquette which goes into maintaining a home in order to elevate it beyond a simple house.

A Request from my Father-In-Law

It was been a wild couple months! I left my job in anticipation of our little family moving, my husband graduated with honors from his AIT class, I had to pack up our apartment in a single weeks, and now it has been a lot of waiting. But, in the waiting, I think I've found... Continue Reading →

The Value of a Homemaker

I've been the sole earner for a household with a homemaker, I've also been part of the common modern household with two earners and no homemaker, and I'm about to become a full-time homemaker while my husband is the sole earner. The opportunity I've had to experience these different kinds of households has given me... Continue Reading →

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