An open letter from a housewife

Let's talk about the social climate surrounding housewives. It's no secret, go into just about any online forum, even ones meant specifically to be a place of solidarity for housewives, and you will find people going out of their way to put these women down. There is a certain, specific group of people who are... Continue Reading →

Housekeeping for Homemakers

Cleaning is an incredibly useful skill for anyone to have. Unfortunately, many of us never really learn how to clean. At least not properly. We end up figuring it through trial and error sometimes, but I’ll admit that I’m still learning the right way to clean different things. Learning to properly clean can also be... Continue Reading →

Gardening for Homemakers: Feeding a Family From Your Yard

Out of all the skills that help make a house into a home, gardening holds a special place in my heart. It always has, from the time I was young girl and my grandma would take me into the garden with her, showing me where to trim back leaves, and how to tell a zucchini was ready to harvest. Even if all you manage to grow is a pot of basil, there's a sense of accomplishment that comes from growing something with your own two hands, getting dirt under your nails, and placing the literal fruits of your labor on the dining table to share with friends and family.

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